Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site

528 Wagon Box Rd.

Banner, WY 82832

(307) 684-7629

Located off I-90 Exit 44

Interpretive Center SUMMER HOURS (May 1 – Sept. 30): Open EVERY DAY, including holidays, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Interpretive Center FALL HOURS (Oct. 1 – Dec. 21): Wed. – Sun. 12/NOON – 4 p.m.

Interpretive Center CLOSED Dec. 22 РApril 30.  Group tours available in the off-season.  Please contact


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  1. We stopped by just to use the restroom. Information center was closed. Lady came out and asked if we were here to see the fort. That was kind and I appreciated this. I replied in all honesty that we simply needed to use the restroom. She seemed disappointed and proceeded to make my wife and I feel “less than” for not wanting to see the fort and only wanting to use the restroom. I’m sorry if we were on our way from NY to WA to visit family and this particular attraction was not on our list to see. As a pharmacist, I can understand the frustration when people ask me unrelated questions, however that doesn’t mean, as a professional, I take that frustration out on my patients. Any interest I may have generated for revisiting this site, if the opportunity ever presented itself, died right there.

    1. Hi, David! I’m so sorry to hear you felt unwelcome – thanks for getting in touch. I have made a priority of training all staff at Fort Phil Kearny to interact with our visitors in such a way that provides them with a personal introduction to the fort story. The Fort Phil Kearny fee area begins at the “cattle gaurd” – and includes the parking area, restrooms, lawn, and “just pulling in to get a picture of the stockade”… Any persons on site (whether they give a hoot about the fort history or not) are legislatively mandated to pay the appropriate fees ($4 for non-Wyoming residents). Both towns of Buffalo and Sheridan have rest areas, and are funded and staffed to provide these comforts for those traveling through. While I don’t approve of any of my staff making anyone feel “less than”, I have also trained them to perform the duties of their position, which is to collect fees and interpret the fort history. I wonder if you and your companion paid your fees? In which case, you are more than welcome to use our facilities. I will visit with my staff to be sure that they understand how to communicate this in the future.

      Misty Stoll
      FPK Superintendent

  2. Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the tour this summer during the Connor battle anniversary!! You and your staff were very accommodating to get us the last seats on the tour! Being a history nerd this tour was the highlight of our trip to Wyoming. We enjoyed the knowledge of the tour guides, the professional literature & booklet that we received for the tour(love the maps &sat photos) and an awesome bus drive who got that huge bus into some amazing places I didn’t think a bus could go! We also bought raffle tickets for the rifle! So the big question is Who won the rifle!? It would be great if that info could be posted on line somewhere for everyone to check out! Thanks again. We can’t wait to come back! Sincerly Shawn Heidt

  3. Is horse back riding allowed on the areas of historical significance?
    Fetterman battle site, wagon box, the “pilot” hills, etc?

    1. Hi, Randy! Sorry – no.

      But you ARE allowed – by special permission (permission slip) to ride outside the fort “proper” here at the interpretive center. Give us a call! (307) 684-7629

  4. ‘The Fetterman Massacre’ by Dee Brown is brilliant. Kudos to you. Misty, I’ll be back in late August. Massacre Hill – wow. Just wow.

  5. Good morning:
    A note of thanks to the staff at FPK for their caring and helpful presentation during our brief couple of hours tour with the Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association out of Hardin, MT.
    This was on June 25, 2016 when we were at the Fort during our annual convention activities and was part of our field trip this year.
    This is the second time I’ve been at FPK in the past ten years and always make it a point to stop in when in the area.
    Hoping your weekend is great and enjoyable !!!
    Gordon Stopanski
    Regina, Saskatchewan

  6. My friend and her church group apparently stopped at Ft. Phil Kearney today. They were very impressed with the facility and the staff. She mentioned how disappointed you were when they could not stay to view all of the battlefield areas. The picture she painted in her writing made an impression. This fort is out of the way that I normally take to go to Dubois; however, I think I will stop here the next time I visit Wyoming.


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