Please take note of changed winter hours for the last two weeks of the Winter Season:

Fort Phil Kearny Interpretive Center is currently Wednesdays and Saturdays, Noon to 4:00 p.m.

Visitors will launch their visit to the three main Fort Phil Kearny interpretive areas by visiting the Fort Phil Keanry Interpretive Center/Fort Site first, where they will receive an introduction from Fort staff and materials that will aid in visiting the Battle of the 100 in the Hand/Fetterman Battlesite and Wagon Box Fight Sites.

Fees: WYO Residents $2, Non-Residents $4, All Ages 17 and Under are FREE

 Interpretive Center Seasons/Hours are as follows:

May 1 – Sept. 30: Open EVERY DAY (including holidays) from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Oct. 1 – Dec. 21: Open Wed. – Sun. Noon – 4:00 p.m. CLOSED Mon./Tues.

Dec. 22 – April 30: CLOSED

  At Fort Phil Kearny, every visitor receives personal attention from knowledgable staff.  Visitors may choose to explore at their own pace, view the 12-minute video, or receive a short narration about the Fort diorama, or Fetterman Map from a staff person.

Fees for visitors are $2 for Wyoming Residents, $4 for Non-Residents and Ages 17 and under are FREE.  The state site also manages the Fetterman and Wagon Box Battle Sites, which are both FREE areas. To schedule a guided tour (GROUPS OF 10 OR MORE), or for other inquiries, please call the site to speak with the Superintendent at (307) 684-7629 or email at

The Fort Phil Kearny/Bozeman Trail Association Gift Shop offers the best selection on site-related literature.  Staff people are prepared to recommend titles and provide guidance for historians, amateur historians, and the casually interested!


Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site
528 Wagon Box Road BannerWY82832 USA 
 • (307) 684-7629

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  1. My niece and I are planning a vacation to Wyoming the first part of July of 2013, one of the areas we will be in is the Big Horn Mountains and staying overnight in Buffalo. We would like to visit Fort Kearny. Is there information and maps I can receive to further our plans while we are in your area?

    • Hi, Mary! I’d be happy to send our brochures or to speak with you. Give me a call at (307) 684-7629 or email me your mailing address to: Hope to see you this summer!

  2. I wonder what the justification is for charging more admission for non-residents than residents. I am a member of the Bozeman Trail organization, and it does not sit very well with me. I have visited the site numerous times over more than 35 years, including the Wagon Box and Fetterman sites, and have even timed my trips to take in Bozeman Trail Days and the Wagon Box Fight anniversary. Many travellers avoid places that single them out for extra charges unless they see a good reason for it. I think someone should re-think that policy.

    • Hi, Mark! Thank you for bringing this up… As a State Historic Site, the Fort’s fee schedule is determined by state legislation that all state sites are committed to enforce. It does seem as though we are penalizing our travelers – whom we value as a major economic factor in Wyoming – but the idea is actually to give Wyomingites a “break”. Sort of a “thank you” to private citizens who are supporting local schools and economies not related to tourism. Please know that your fees go directly toward providing better visitor experiences in Wyomings State Parks, Historic sites and Trails. The Bozeman Trail Association (BTA) has no control over the fee schedule, which is why it offers a 10% discount on books from the BTA Gift Shop. Thank you for your support and visitation in the past – I hope you’ll continue to come by.

      Misty Stoll/Superintendent

  3. On the Visit page I think it would be helpful if the dates of Fall and Summer could be defined for the interpretive center. Is the interpretive center open all year? Planning a visit in Winter (other than the anniversary date) or Spring is rather confusing with the incomplete information on this page.

    Thank you.

  4. I visited the fort and battlefield on July 5, 2015 from Maryland. It was my second visit there and I do believe I could spend days walking all of the sites. In my opinion, it’s one of the most important historical sites in the country. The staff at the museum are top notch. I love this place!

  5. You offer price breaks to under 17s. What about price breaks for senior citizens?

    • Hi, Malcolm! I’m glad you asked! There are no “breaks” for senior citizens – although, we like to think that $4 is a “break” for everyone! Our fees are approved by legislative action and mandated by state statute. I imagine that our leaders are thinking that A) It’s a “thank you” to parents/caregivers for modeling an appreciation for State Parks and Historic Sites and B), that even at $4 (for non-residents, $2 for Wyoming residents) our fees are as low as we can ask, and still manage in terms of fiscal responsibility.

      We have many visitors ask this question – and I’m grateful to you for the opportunity to respond here!


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