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Aug 19, 2014 by Ed Huber

We started with the lady inside giving an excellent description of the fort and the other areas associated with the fort. We all watched the movie. Then we met the Brit, Richard?, outside for another excellent history discussion of the fort. Both employees had us all laughing at times. Richard even met us at the site of the battle. Thanks for a great visit!

Fort Kearny Visit

Aug 17, 2014 by Bob Keller

Kevin gave us a great talk on the doings within the fort around the time that Fetterman disobeyed orders and pursued the Indians leading to his own demise. Kevin was quite entertaining and his talk was very educational as he discussed several characters who resided within the fort at that time. It gave a very good feel of how life in the American West was right after the conclusion of the Civil War. Not to be missed!

Fort Phil Kearny

Aug 16, 2014 by Scott Bushman

Wonderful tour and Museum. I very much enjoyed the museum and the walk through the fort site with Kevin dressed in a period uniform. Kevin did a great job in creating an understanding of the period, the location and the conflicts surrounding the Bozeman Trail. Not to missed.

Utah Westerners Visit Fort

Aug 12, 2014 by Nate Olson

I was with the bus tour that stopped in on 8/07/2014, the Utah Westerners from Salt Lake City. Keven, or was it Jeff, gave us all an excellent tour of the grounds with information an the layout of the fort and how the build up to the battle and how the battle played out. Kevin did a fine job at guiding this tour by keeping it interesting and not letting it drag. Kevin sure knows his history of Fort Phil Kearny, truly an asset to this organization, as you all are. Not only that but you let us fire off a canon in the parking lot. On behalf of the Utah Westerners, thank you for the interesting tour and hope to see you soon.

Kevin is our hero

Aug 10, 2014 by Stuart Anderson

I was at the site a few days ago with my three kids. We got a guided tour from Kevin, who was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Afterwards, all three kids declared the fort to be one of the highlights of our eight days in the area. Kevin even inspired one of the kids to start reading a book of history--WOW, that is an accomplishment!

Excellent tour guide

Aug 07, 2014 by Shannon Laman

Our church group was camping up in Story this past week, and we decided to take the girls on a tour of some of the battlefields in the area. We hiked up to the Fetterman battle site and then drove to Fort Phil Kearny to see up close what it must have been like back then. What a fantastic experience! Our tour guide, a wonderful man from London, did a terrific job keeping the girls engaged and had so many stories to share about life in the Fort. We were all thoroughly entertained, and the teenage girls in our care haven't quit talking about it since. We also purchased one of the books our guide mentioned and are planning a return trip soon! I would highly recommend this sliver of history to anyone wanting to know more about our Western heritage.

Wonderful visit

Aug 06, 2014 by Cindy Carver

My husband & I were on vacation, staying in Sheridan, & while driving on the 90 toward Mount Rushmore, we saw the road sign for the fort. The next day, we followed the sign. What a treasure! The guide (a wonderful volunteer from London) was a fount of information. He spoke so highly of the book by Mrs. Frances Grummond Carrington, that I bought it in the visitor's center. The DVD was very informative & the visitor's center had quite a few interesting artifacts. We really enjoyed the guided tour, especially since we are not residents of Wyoming (or a neighboring state). We had gone to the Little Bighorn National Monument two days before & these two sites pair nicely. When we return to Wyoming in the future, we will be returning to Fort Phil Kearny!

A Thoroughly Enjoyable Visit

Aug 03, 2014 by Dan Seligman

Thoroughly enjoyable. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I have a particular interest in the history of the area and have done a great deal of background reading. I picked up a good deal at the site that I could not have learned any other way.

A Good Visit

Jul 25, 2014 by Robert Bluthardt

While not a fort with many buildings available to see, the interpretive panels, the outlines of buildings noted by grass cutting patterns, and the visitor center, video, and displays all provide ample knowledge. The nearby sites of the Fetterman and Wagon Box battles are both thematic and convenient additions.Great gift shop too! Being a Texas forts guy, I enjoyed Fort Phil Kearney; it was a wonderful addition to our driving expedition to see as many forts as possible in ND, MT, WY and CO.

Superintendent Very Knowledgeable

Jul 08, 2014 by JIll C.

We stopped by Fort Phil Kearny looking for a place to eat lunch. When we went inside, one of the superintendents, Misty Stoll, offered to show us a movie about the fort. After we ate lunch at the great picnic area, we decided to stop in to see about the movie. As soon as we came in, Misty came over and asked us if we wanted to learn about the fort. We did, and so she gave us a great introduction to the fort. We learned a lot about the fort, and then saw the short movie. Misty was VERY nice and informative. When we were ready to go, she even gave the kids stickers. Overall, everyone on our family enjoyed our visit to Fort Phil Kearny, and learned a lot. If we are ever in Wyoming again we we certainly make and effort to stop by Fort Phil Kearny.

Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site (307) 684-7629 528 Wagon Box Road Banner WY, 82832 USA 4.9 5.0 28 28 We started with the lady inside giving an excellent description of the fort and the other areas associated with the fort. We all watched the movie. Then we met the Brit, Richard?,
Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site
528 Wagon Box Road BannerWY82832 USA 
 • (307) 684-7629

5 thoughts on “Visitor Feedback

  1. We stopped at Ft. Phil Kearny after a trip to Custer Battlefield, we found the 2 workers at the site very friendly and informed. Very nice selection of books! We bought several and found the ones suggested by the young man in the visitor center to be quite good. Nice site! Visited Fetterman site and Wagon Box site, after reading more about it, I hope to return and spend more time.

  2. I left this message on another area of this website, but this is a more appropriate area. My wife, her son (my step-son) and myself had the great pleasure of arriving on the August 2nd date of the Wagon Box anniversary. Coming from Troy, Missouri, I very much anticipated my opportunity to see the Fetterman site as well as the Box Wagon site, but was surprised to see AND experience the PASSION of the interpreters, and amazed at the personal knowledge…especially Karen in the visitor’s center! JUST amazed! Not only passion, but she took TIME to explain events! I’ve been involved in education for years teaching at Missouri Baptist University. I’ve been involved as a battalion commander of more that 500 living-historians…hard corp historians who were dedicated to proper interpretation of historical events and the passion demonstrated for Ft. Kearny and the events associated with the site were comparable to any I have ever experienced! I’m SO VERY impressed…and THANKFUL! This was TRULY a great experience and one that I would recommend to EVERYONE! I’ve been to Gettysburg, Antietam, Yorktown, Guilford Courthouse, Chickamauga, Shiloh, you name the place…I’ve probably been there; toured more that 36 countries and hundreds of historic sites that almost to a person would consider more historically significant than these sites…but I believe that this would be an error. The staff here does a phenomenal job! What a brilliant, brilliant experience…and GREAT gift shop and selection of books!!!! Thank you so, so much!

  3. I have been to the site of Ft. Phil Kearny, the Fetterman fight, and the Wagon Box fight several times over the past 40 years. The experience just keeps getting better…a better visitors center, more interpretation, and an informed staff whose passion for the subjects is almost bubbling over. There is so much history in this area of Wyoming and Montana and so accessible it’s a shame to miss it if you’re nearby. I highly recommend taking the time to visit these sites (and others) and discover more about our country’s past.

  4. It was a very informative visit. The staff was so very helpful and made our visit a Great one.
    We truly enjoyed the wagon box fight area and the Fetterman battle field was great.
    There are no words to describe the feeling of standing on the spot where so much history
    was made.
    Thank you all for preserving our heritage!

  5. Misty, We just got back last week from 2 weeks in Wyoming and one of the major highlights of the trip, at least for me was visiting your Ft Phil Kearny site and chatting with your staff about the fort’s history on Saturday, August 26th as well as visiting with Bob Wilson on the morning of the 24th. This was my second time there (my first was with Terry Johnston in 1999 on his Northern Plains Indian Wars tour) but with the reading on the fort’s history (that Bob had pointed me to), this time it made much more sense. I left one of the pictures of my diorama of Ft Phil Kearny with your staff that Saturday which I hope they shared with you. Thank you for the job you’re doing keeping the memory of that “saga” of American history alive.

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