Schedule and Event Tickets


We are planning a number of activities and displays for the whole family to enjoy . This battle fought on August 2, 1867, had no clear winner or loser, both sides came away with slight casualties, feeling they had carried the day.  Below are descriptions of the activities you may enjoy over the weekend while learning about the fight and those who participated in it.

  • Fri. Aug. 4, 2017

The morning of Friday Aug. 4, is committed to organization, signup, and setup.  The different Living History organizations and individuals will be arriving to set up historically accurate encampments for the military, civilians and Native Americans.   By noon with the camps beginning to take shape the Fort Phil Kearny /Bozeman Trail Association will kick off the event with cash award competitions among the various reenactors including pistol and saber competition among the cavalry, rifle marksmanship with the infantry, and bow w/arrow shooting between the natives.   These competitions may be followed by a short explaination the different tactics used by combatants on the frontier plains.

As the day cools off a Bar-B-Que Pig Dinner ($19 for ages 11+, $14 for ages 6-10, 5 and under FREE) with all the trimmings will be offered following a short program by Jerry Keenan, the foremost historian and writer of the Wagon Box Fight.   Following dinners folks may visit with reenactor or cool off in the valley of Buffalo Creek  (the native name for Little Piney Creek).  THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT.

  • Sat. Aug. 5, 2017 (day pass at Fort Phil Kearny will cost $20, all day)

Saturday will begin with the reveille call for the military and a formal flag raising ceremony at Fort Phil Kearny.  Throughout the morning visitors are invited to visit the Military or Civilian encampments and discuss what life was like back then and today for the soldier and civilian.  Or they might want to take a walk down to Little Piney Creek and visit the native encampment to see another form of life on the frontier.  Tours will be offer through the morning of the Fort and the various historic site to the exterior of the stockade.


Noon will signal time to grab a snack and cold drink prior to heading down to the seating location for the Wagon Box Fight.  Those just arriving will be directed to a parking location just short of seating area.  Vendors will continue to provide drinks throughout the show.

Beginning at One (1:00) P.M. a narrated depiction of the August 2nd, 1867 Battle will begin.  The depiction will last approximately 2 to 3 hours including questions from the audience.  The show will begin with an initial attack on the side camp and follow the oral, written eye-witness and archaeological accounts through to the final shots of the Mountain Howitzer and withdrawal of the Natives.   It is suggested that visitor’s stay on to hear the accounts of the re-enactors though not as dramatic as the original participants were, they will still be of interest.

  • Sun. Aug. 6, 2017

Sunday will continue with the Native, Military, and Civ8ilian encampments through noon, including possible advances by the differing Living History Participants.

At 10 a.m. an air conditioned bus with W/C and including lunch, beverages, and a snack, will begin a tour to significant sites relating to the Wagon Box Fight and wood cutting activities.  A couple other little known battle sites will be visited if time permits.  The tour will take visitors to block-houses, ambush locations and other points of interest accumulating in an explanation and description of the Wagon Box Fight ($75).