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Henry B. Carrington – Reflections on His Life and Times (1824 – 1912),

is a compilation of letters, documents, images, official correspondence, articles, books, art, maps, and speeches that were researched, compiled, written and published by the Fort Phil Kearny/Bozeman Trail Association in partnership with the Big Horn City Historical Society.

Our goal is to offer more than a glimpse into Carrington’s remarkable life and involvement in historical events, not all without controversy. Researching his life’s work took twists and turns that continuously revealed a complex man in a historically complex time, where his actions contributed to the shaping of our region and our country.

In Section 1, Sonny Reisch gives a broad understanding of Carrington’s fascinating life before and after his six months at Fort Phil Kearny.

The table of contents will guide the reader further to the sections of greatest appeal –

all sections will intrigue those with more than just a casual interest in history.


This book is available at the FPK/BTA Bookstore 307-684-7629 by calling and also available at other select bookstores. Cover art copyright by Robert C. Wilson 2023

Please contact for more info

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 REVIEW by well-respected historian Paul Hedren:

I finished a pretty careful examination of your Carrington book and must say that I was quite impressed and truly wish you the best with it.


Allow that I too was long influenced by the Bob Murray take on Carrington, and honestly have not given him much reconstructive thought since then.  But this welcome compendium exposes a much more learned, considerate, and capable individual caught-up in a very difficult time.  One has here summaries of Carrington's service, his own thoughtful take on the Fetterman event, and transcriptions of an amazing array of his writings.  One would necessarily explore widely to gather the same material, and you've put it in one place.  I applaud, too, the occasional and welcome sidebars.  Sonny Reisch's bit following the Murray piece is a perfect casepoint.  I knew Murray.  He was a careful historian and did good work.  We honestly simply know more today, and Murray would conclude differently were he too a beneficiary. 


We can only wish now for a robust circulation of this fine book, but I am sure that Starr, Wyoming's ace bookseller, is tending to that!

Thanks for sending this my way.  It's a welcome addition to my library.  You've tended the history community very well!

Paul Hedren


REVIEW by Ed Blackney, FPK/BTA Member:

May 16th- 

Just received my copy of this book (Henry B. Carrington – Reflections of His Life and Times 1824-1912) and jumped right in. Through chapter seven and finding it to be a great read! All of you who did the research and hard work to put this book together are to be commended! Highly recommend it to anyone interested in this subject. Just skipping around when I first opened the book I found several facts I did not know about and I'm sure I will find more. Great job folks!!

Ed Blackney

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