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These are the books we carry in the Fort Phil Kearny Bookstore.

All in-stock books can be shipped to you.

Please contact Starr at: or call 307-684-7629 to order or for inquiries.

Please keep in mind our inventories do fluctuate.

 BOOK INVENTORY September-2020                                                                           

Books highlighted are about the Bozeman Trail area 

Books in Bold are best sellers 


Title, Author, Retail 

100 Things to See in the Night Sky;  Regas, Dean  $15.99

A Road We Do Not Know;  Chiaventone, Fredrick  $22.95

A Surgeon with Custer;  Harburn,Todd  $29.95

A Time to Cook;  Farmer, James  $35.00

Absaraka, Home of the Crow;  Carrington, Margaret  $24.95

After Custer;  Hedren, Paul  $24.95

All Because of a Mormon Cow;  McDermott, John  $29.95

Alpine Flowers;  Strickler, Dee  $9.95

American West;  Brown, Dee  $19.99

Arapahoe Women's Quillwork;  Anderson, Jeffrey  $21.95

Arapahoes Our People;  Trenholm, Virginia Cole  $29.95

Archaeology, History, & Custer's Last Battle;  Fox, Richard  $24.95

Arrows, Spears and Buffalo Jumps; Travis, Lauri  $15.00

Art of the West;  Scott, Amy  'Ed.'  $34.95

Autobiography of Red Cloud;  Paul, Eli   'Ed.' $15.95

Bakerita;  Conners, Rachel $24.95

Battles/Skirmishes Great Sioux;  Greene, Jerome  $19.95

Birds and Birding in the Big Horns;  Canterbury, Jackie  $24.95

Birds of Prey A Folding Pocket;  Kavanagh/Leung  $7.95

Bites on a Board;  Daulter, Ami  $24.00

Black Elk;  Jackson, Joe  $22.00

Black Elks Speaks;  Niehart,John  $18.95

Blood on the Marias;  Wylie, Paul  $21.95

Bloody Bozeman;  Johnson, Dorothy  $20.00

Bluecoats and Pioneers;  Hart, John  $32.95 MORE INFO

Boots & Saddles Or Life in Dakota; Custer, Libby  $17.97

Bound for Have Blood; Reilly, Hugh  $15.95

Bound for Montana/Diaries of the Bozeman Trail;  Doyle, Susan  'Ed.'  $19.95

Bows & Arrows of the Native Am;  Hamm, Jim  $14.95

Buffalo Soldier, revised edition;  Leckie, William/Shirley  $19.95

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee;  Brown, Dee  $19.00

Butterflies - PFG(Peterson Field Guide);  Latimer, Jane  $6.95

Butterflies of the Rky Mtn - Folding Pocket Guide; Wauer, Ro etal  $7.95

Catalog/Price List Trabing Store, Laramie WY;  Michelson, Nancy  $34.95

Cheyenne Autumn;  Sandoz, Mari  $17.95

Cheyenne River Reservation;  Sprague, Donivin  $21.95

Cheyenne Voice;  Stands in Timber  $59.95

Chuckwagon Cookbook;  Price, Byron  $19.95

Chuckwagon Cooking;  Keepsake Series  $5.95

Circle of Fire;  McDermott, John  $19.95

Cowboy Dreams, Intro by Bob Edgar;  Collins, Richard 'Ed'  $10.00

Color the Wild Flowers of the Rky;  Strickler, Dee  $4.95

Crazy Hores: Where My Dead Lie Buried;  Wooten, Dave  $16.95

Crazy Horse and Custer;  Ambrose, Stephen $18.00

Crazy Horse, A Lakota Life;  Bray, Kingsley  $24.95

Crazy Horse, the Lakota Warrior's Life & Legacy;  Matson B. Clown Family  $30.00

Crazy Horse, the Strange Man of Oglalas;  Sandoz, Mari  $18.95

Crow Jesus;  Clatterbuck, Mark  $29.95

Crow Killer, The Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson;  Bunker & Thorpt  $15.00

Custer Died for Your Sins;  Deloria, Vine  $29.95

Custer's Luck;  Stewart, Edgar  $29.95

Dakota Dawn;  Michno, Gregory  $32.95

Daughters of the West;  Seagraves, Anne  $12.95

Dodging Red Cloud;  Wheeler, Richard  $15.95

Edible Wild Plants;  Kallas, John  $24.99

Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West;  Tilford, Gregory  $24.95

Empire of the Summer Moon;  Gwynne, S.C.  $18.00

Encyclopedia of Indian Wars;  Michno, Gregory  $30.00

Exactly the Right Place;  Hagan, Barry  $35.00

Exploring the Southeast Quadrant;  Rosenfled R., Egerton, R  $38.95

Eyewitness Accounts of the Fetterman Fight;  Monnett, John  $21.95

Fetterman Massacre;  Brown, Dee  $19.95

Fighting Cheyenne;  Grinnell, George Bird  $24.95

Forest Bathing;  Hackenmiller, Suzanne Bartlett 19.9

Forest Wildflowers;  Strickler, Dee  $7.95

Fort Laramie & the Great Sioux War;  Hedren, Paul  $21.95

Forts of the West;  Frazer, Robert  $19.95

Forty Miles a Day on Beans and Hay;  Rickey, Don  $19.95

Frontier Army;  Paul, Eli  'Ed.'  $29.95

Frontier Army Christmas;  Cox-Paul,Lori  $12.95

Frontier Regulars;  Utley, Robert  $29.9

Galvanized Yankees;  Brown, Dee  $18.95

General Custer, Libby and Their Dogs;  Duggan, Brian Patrick  $34.95

Gentle Tamers;  Brown, Dee  $19.95

Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo;  Nerburn, Ken  $18.95

Girl Guards of Wyoming, The Lost Women's Militia;  Lyon, Dan $21.99

Give Me Eighty Men;  Smith, Shannon  $18.95

Great Sioux Uprising, 1862, The;  Keenan, Jerry  $17.95

Great Sioux War Orders of Battle;  Hedren, Paul  $19.95

Guide to the Indian Wars of the West;  McDermott, John  $19.95

Hard Twist;  Van Cleve, Barbara  $40.00

Hardtack & Coffee;  Billings, John  $19.95

Heart of Everything that Is;  Drury/Clavin  $17.00

Heart of the Trail;  O'Brien, Mary Barmeyer  $14.95

Hide, Wood, and Willow;  Anderson,  $34.95

High-Spirited Women of the West;  Seagraves, Anne  $12.95

Hiking Wyoming, Cloud Peak Wilderness;  Molvar, Erik  $18.95

Hog Ranches of Wyoming, The;  Brown, Larry  $9.95

Hugh Glass Grizzly Survivor;  McLaird, James  $16.99

Hundred in the Hand;  Marshall, Joseph III  $16.95

Images of Rky Mtn Flowers;  Earle,S.A. Lundin, J.  $8.95

Indian Fights;  Vaughn, J.W.   $19.95

Indian Fights and Fighters;  Brady, Cyrus  $23.95

Indian Giver;  Weatherford, Jack $17.00

Indian War of 1864;  Ware, Eugene  $16.98

Indian War Veterans;  Greene, Jerome  $24.95

Jim Bridger;  Alter, J. Cecil  $19.95

Jim Bridger, a Mountain Man;  Vestal, Stanley  $17.95

John Finerty Reports The Sioux War;  Hedren, Paul 'Ed'  $34.95

Journal of a Trapper;  Russell, Osborne  $16.95

Journey of Crazy Horse;  Marshall, Joseph III  $17.00

Journeys to the Land of Gold;  Doyle, Susan Badger 'Ed' $95.00

Killing of Chief Crazy Horse;  Clark, Robert  $19.95

Killing of Crazy Horse;  PB Powers, Thomas  $18.00

Lakota Noon;  Michno, Gregory  $18.00

Land of the Horse;  Morton, Sam  $24.95

Last Stand;  Philbrick, Nathaniel  $18.00

Life of a Soldier on the Western Front;  Agnew, Jeremy  $18.00

Life of George Bent;  Hyde, George  $24.95

Living Crazy Health;  Rossano, Jennifer $24.99

Little Bighorn, Voices from a Distant Wind;  Adelson, Steven  $22.95

Mammals of the Rockies;  Fisher, Chris  $14.95

Medicine Wheel, Earth Astrology;  Sun Bear & Wabun $16.00

Moon of the Bitter Cold;  Chiaventone, Fredrick  $7.99

Morning Star Dawn (HC);  Greene, Jerome  $19.95

Most Desperate Acts of Gallantry, The;  Davis, Daniel  $14.95

Mountain Men & Fur Traders of the West;  Hafen, Leroy  'Ed.'  $19.95

My Army Life, Frances Carrington;  Carrington, Frances  $19.95

My Life as an Indian;  Schultz, J.W.  $16.95

Native Am. Crafts & Skills;  Montgomery, David  $16.95

Native American Testimony;  Nabokov, Peter $20.00

Ned Wynkoop and the Lone Road from Sand Creek;  Kraft, Louis  $19.95

Neither Wolf Nor Dog;  Nerburn, Ken  $16.95

Night Sky - Folding Pocket Guide;  Kavanagh/Leung  $7.95

Nothing to Tell;  Gray, Donna  $18.95

On The Rez;  Frazier, Ian  $18.00

On This Day in Wyoming History;  Holscher, Patrick  $14.99

Oregon Trail;  Buck, Rinker $17.99

Our Centennial Indian War and Life of George Custer;  Victor, Frances   $29.95

Patrick Connor's War;  Wagner, David  $34.95

Paul Goble, Storyteller;  Bryan, Gregory  $29.95

Pete Dune on Bird Watching;  Dune, Pete  $19.95

Peterson Field Guide to Astonomy;   Pasachoff, Jay  $7.95

Peterson, Field, Guide to Stars and Planets;  Pasachoff, Jay  $19.99

Phil Sheridan and His Army;  Hutton, Paul Andrew  $19.95

Pine Ridge Reservation;  Sprague, Donovin  $21.99

Plenty Coup's;  Lindenman, Frank  $19.95

Porch Living;  Farmers, James  $30.00

Portraits of Fort Phil Kearny;  Written by Members of FPK/BTA  $14.95

Powder River Disastrous Opening;  Hedren, Paul  $24.95

Powder River Odyssey;  Wagner, David  $34.95

Prairie Parcels;  Gagliano, Gene  $9.95

Prairie Traveler;  Marcy, Randolph  $9.95

Prairie Wildflowers;  Strickler, Dee  $9.95

Pretty Shield;  Linderman, Frank  $14.95

Red Cloud Ogalala Legend;  McDermott, John  $14.95

Red Cloud's Folk;  Hyde, George  $12.95

Red Cloud's War Vol 1 & 2;  McDermott, John  $95.00

Rising from the Plains;  McPhee, John  $16.00

Roadside History of WY;  Moultan, Candy  $20.00

Roadside Geology of WY;  Lageson, David  $20.00

Rock Hounding WY;  Graham, Kenneth  $19.95

Rocks, Gems & Minerals of the Rockys;  Romaine, Garret  $14.95

Rocky Mtn Berry Book;  Krumm, Bob  $18.95

Rocky Mtn Trees & Wildflowers;  Kavanagh/Leung  $5.95

Rosebud Sioux;  Sprague, Donovin  $21.99

Rosebud, June 17, 1876;  Hedren, Paul  $34.95

Roses of West;  Seagraves, Anne  $12.95

Sacred Pipe;  Brown, Joseph  $19.95

Saga of Hugh Glass;  Myers, John  $15.95

Saga of the Pony Express;  Certo, Joseph  $17.00

Sand Creek Massacre;  Hoig, Stan  $19.95

Scalp Dance;  Goodrich, Thomas  $21.95

Secrets of Wildflowers;  Sanders, Jerry  $19.95

Seriously Delish;  Merchant, Jessica $29.99

Simply Soup;  Baird, Madge $14.99

Sioux Women Traditionally Sacred;  Driving Hawk Sneve  $16.95

Sitting Bull;  Vestal, Stanley  $19.95

Sitting Bull, Prisoner of War;  Pope, Dennis $16.95

Soap Suds Row;  Lawrence, Jennifer $18.95

Soldiering in the Shadow of Wounded Knee 1891 Diary of Pvt Hartford Clark; Greene Jerome  'Ed.'; $32.95

Sound the Trumpet/Beat Drums;  Gleason, Bruce  $32.95

Sovereign Schools;  Hipp, Martha Louise  $29.95

Spirit and the Sky;  Hollabaugh, Mark  $24.95

Spoiled Doves;  Seagraves, Anne  $12.95

Spotted Tail;  Clow, Richard  $34.95

Spotted Tail's Folk;  Hyde, George  $21.95

Standing Rock-Lakota, Dakota, Nakota;  Sprague, Donovin  $22.99

Standing Rock Sioux;  Sprague, Donovin  $21.99

Strategy of Defeat at Little Bighorn;  Wagner, Fredrick  $39.95

Taste of Wyoming;  Sinclair, Pamela  $24.95

Tell Them We Are Going Home;  Monnett, John  $16.95

Terrible Glory;  Donovan, James  $18.00

That's Here;  Wooten, Dave  $12.00

The Earth is Weeping;  Cozzens, Peter  $20.00

The Way of the Herbs; Tierra Michael $19.95

They Call Me Agnes;  Vognet, Fred  $19.95

To Hell With Honor;  Sklenar, Larry  $24.95

To Kill An Eagle;  Kadkeck, Mabell/Edward$  14.95

Traveler's Guide to the Great Sioux War;  Hedren, Paul  $12.95

Treasure State Tycoon - (HC);  Russell, John  $29.95

Treasure State Tycoon - (PB);  Russell, John $19.95

US Army in the West 1870-1880;  McChristian, Douglas  $29.95

Vintage Postcards of Sheridan Cty Collection  $17.95

Wagon Box Fight;  Keenan, Jerry  $19.95

Walden: Life in the Woods;  Walden, H. T. $16.99

Walking with Grandfather;  Marshall, Joseph III  $19.95

War On Powder River;  Smith, Helena  $24.95

War Party in Blue; Van DeLogt  $34.95

Warpath;  Vestal, Stanley  $19.95

Washakie, Chief of the Shoshone;  Hebard, Grace  $19.95

Washita; Greene, Jerome $19.95

Where A 100 Soldiers Were Killed;  Monnett, John  $29.95

Where Custer Fell;  Brust, James etal.  $26.95

Where the Rivers Ran Red;  Donahue, Michael $36.95

Where the Rivers Run North;  Morton, Sam  $19.95

White Hat;  Nelson. Mark  $29.95

Wild Flowers of the Rockies;  Strickler, Dee  $9.95

Wilderness Essays;  Muir, John  $14.95

Wolf at Twilight;  Nerburn, Kent  $17.95

Wolves at Eden (Norton Publish);  McCarthy Kevin  $25.95

Women in Wonderland;  Watry, Elizabeth  $19.95

Women Who Charmed the West;  Seagraves, Anne  $12.95

Wooden Leg;  Marquis, Thomas  $18.95

Wyoming a Photographic Journey;  Spradley, Kyle  $14.95

Wyoming's Friendly Skies;  Talbott/Kassel  $21.99

Wyoming Ghost Stories;  Munn, Debra  $12.95

Wyoming Lynching of Cattle Katie 1889;  Hufsmith, George  $19.95

Wyoming Trivia;  Day, Brian  $9.95

Years the Stars Fell;  Smithsonian  $45.00

Yellowstone Ghost Stories;  Larios, Shellie  $10.95

Yellowstone Trivia Stories;  Larios, Shellie  $10.95

Ziebach County 1910-2010;  Sprague, Donovin  $21.95



Amee-nah; Thomasma, Kenneth  $7.99

Amigo;  Baylor, Byrd  $7.99

Booger;  Gagliano, Gene  $10.95

Beyond the Ridge;  Goble, Paul  $7.99

Building Bird Houses;  Rau, Dana $6.99

"C" is for Cowboy;  Gagliano, Gene  $17.98

Courage of Sarah Noble;  Dalgliesh, Alice  $19.99

Coyote Places the Stars (PB);  Taylor, Harriet  $7.99

D is for Drum;  Hardorff, Richard  $15.95

Daily Life in the Covered Wagon;  Erickson, Paul  $9.95

Death of the Iron Horse; Goble, Paul$7.99

Discover Bugs;  Gauthier, Kelly  $19.95

Discovering Bugs Activity Book;  Gauthier, Kelly  $24.94

Doe Sia;  Thomasma, Kenneth  $7.99

Dream Wolf;  Goble, Paul  $7.99

Epilson;  Reichlin, Ted  $7.95

Full Moon Lore;  Wahi, Ellen  $16.99

Gift Horse A Lakota Story;  Nelson S.D.  $9.95

Gift of the Sacred Dog;  Goble, Paul  $7.99

Girl Who Loved Wild Horses;  Goble, Paul  $7.99

Goodnight Baby Bear;  Shoulders, Michael  $19.99

Great Race;  Paul Goble  $7.99

Great Native Am. Coloring Books;  Copeland, Peter  $4.99

Greet the Dawn (HC);  Nelson, S.D.  $18.95

Gunfighter;  McCarty, Lea  $5.95

Heart of Everything that Is;  Drury/Clavin  $16.99

Hooray for Today!;  Won, Brian  $16.99

If You Lived with the Sioux Indians;  McGovern, Ann  $6.99

Indian Painting Coloring Book Collection  $7.95

Indian Tribes of the North Am Coloring Book;  Copeland, Peter  $3.95

Insectiopedia;  Florian, Douglas  $8.99

Kunu;  Thomasma, Kenneth  $7.99

Little Explorers Bugs;  Bonner Publishing  $9.00

Little Naturalist - Thoreau;  Coombs, Kate  $9.99

Little Naturalist - John Muir;  Coombs, Kate  $9.9

Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle;  Matthaei,G; Gutman, J.  $21.95

Looking Down;  Jenkins, Steve  $7.99

May I  Come In?;  Arnold, Marsha  $16.99

Minnow and Rose;  Young, Judy  $15.95

Moho Wat;  Thomasma, Kenneth  $7.99

Moose on the Loose;  Wargin, Kathy-Jo  $15.95

Muskrat & Skunk;  Montileaux, Donald  $19.99

Mystery of the Pheasant;  Meierhenry & Volk  $14.95

Native Am. Activity Book;  Reddick/Sanders  $5.99

Naya Nuki;  Thomasma, Kenneth  $7.99

Om Kas Toe;  Thomasma, Kenneth  $7.99

PFG to Coloring Birds;  Peterson  $8.95

PFG to Coloring Wildflowers;  Peterson  $8.95

Painting the Wild Frontier;  Reich, Susanna  $22.00

Pathki Nana;  Thomasma, Kenneth  $7.99

Pocket Guide to Camping;  White, Linda & Katherine  $9.99

Pow Wow Coloring Books;  $5.99

Pow Wow Coloring and Activity;  Maawanji'idiwin-PowWow  $5.99

Plains Indian Coloring Book;  Rickman, David  $4.95

Red Cloud: A Lakota Story;  Nelson S.D.  $19.95

Red Cloud's War: Brave Eagle;  Goble, Paul  $16.95

S is for S'mores;  James, Helen Foster  $17.95

Soun Tetoken;  Thomasma, Kenneth  $7.99

Standing Bear of the Ponca;  Va.Divning Hawk Sneve  $14.95

Takini;  Thomasma, Kenneth  $7.95

Tasunka: A Lakota Horse Legend;  Montileaux, Donald  $19.95

Tatanka and the Lakota People;  Montileaux, Donald  $9.95

Thunder on the Plains;  Goble, Paul  $10.99

Track that Scat;  Morlock, Lisa  $15.95

Walking Along;  Goble, Paul  $19.95

Western Pioneer Coloring Book;  Copeland, Peter  $4.99

W is Wyoming;  Gagliano, Gene  $7.95

When the Buffaloes Began;  Baker, Olaf  $6.99

Who Pooped Field Guide;  Lehmann, Steph  $9.95

Wonsit;  Thomasma, Kenneth  $7.99

Woodland Walk;  Saunders, June  $9.99

Wyoming Activity Book;  Rogers, Linda  $7.99

4 Wheels West;  Gagliano, Gene  $17.95

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