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  • History of the Fort

  • Non-Native Migration

  • Military background, including cavalry, infantry and companies that were here

  • Details of uniforms and equipment, including guns and saddles

  • Day in the life of infantry, cavalrymen and horses.

  • What life was like in the barracks

  • Personal hygiene

  • Financial compensation

  • Gold mines desertion effect

  • Diet, disease, and medical treatment

  • Soldier’s duties

  • Punishment including simple infractions

  • Forms of entertainment


  • The Plains Tribal life ways broadly, and value of terrain to traditional lifestyles

  • Symbolism of clothing and weapon decorations

  • Some commonly told Native origin stories and legends

  • Value of dreams and interpretations

  • Battle tactics

  • Warrior weapon history and including how to make a warrior shield, and bow and arrows

  • Value of horses to traditional Plains Tribes lifeways

  • Broadly accepted information on Plains Tribes warrior culture


  • December 6th

  • Fetterman

  • Wagon Box                                    



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What you will learn during your presentation and tour!
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