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Present era images courtesy of FPK/BTA  by J.Puckett
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CLICK HERE for video is of Bob Wilson's detailed Fetterman Battle presentation on the events leading up to and during the Dec. 21st, 1866 battle. The planning, tactics, theories and aftermath using maps and images are explained by Bob, a leading authority on this battle. This program was presented Dec. 2022,  at Kearney Community Hall, Banner, WY with support of the Fort Phil Kearny/Bozeman Trail Association and Fort Phil Kearny State Historic site.

C-SPAN - Misty Stoll on Fort Phil Kearny   click here   


C-SPAN’s Local Content Vehicles (LCVs) made a stop in their “2019 LCV Cities Tour” in Sheridan, Wyoming, from July 6-12, 2019, to feature the history and literary life of the community. Working with the Charter cable local affiliate, they visited literary and historic sites where local historians, authors, and civic leaders were interviewed.

Shown: video of Fetterman Battle Reenactment

Courtesy of Salvatore Brown, Sheridan Travel & Tourism

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View Bozeman Trail, On The Tracks

Our Montana sponsored a wagon train on the Bozeman Trail from Fort Laramie to Virginia City. The wagon train kept as close to the actual route of the old trail.

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