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A Living History/
Re-Enacting Organization

We are a Living History group dedicated to presenting programs/demonstrations of life as it was during the 1860s to 1880s time period, with a special focus on Fort Phil Kearny and the Bozeman Trail.  Members are encouraged to be as authentic as possible, and to do as much research as they can before presenting anything as fact.  Most members view their participation as a hobby, so the purpose is to have some good, safe, historical fun.  The group as a whole is very strict about following safety rules to keep this pastime fun for all involved, members and the public alike.


We have and have had such personas as Frontier Military including Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry, Scouts, and Quartermaster, Civilians, Mountain Men, Women, Children, Laundress, and Native Americans.


Summertime is the busiest for events, which are typically planned the previous winter/spring.  During the winter, meetings are usually on the second Sunday of every month. Business matters are discussed, and programs can be presented and or proposed.  Programs can be arranged/proposed by any member of the group usually about a subject which will enhance the authenticity of the group or help in some way and then be scheduled for presentation at a future date.


Summer events are commonly 2-3 day weekend programs proposed by some outside individual to a member of the unit who then presents it to the unit for consideration.  Terms for consideration include the historical relationship, educational relationship, funding, how the proposed event relates to our unit and how the event might help offset our expenses as we do not ask for fees.  Once an event is selected it is put on the calendar and an individual is name as lead for that event and that person is then in charge of coordinating the event for the unit.


The Regulars have Attended/Presented programs at places such as:  Antietam and Shiloh National Battlefields, Fort Phil Kearny, Fort Fetterman, Fort Abraham Lincoln, Fort Casper, DA Russell, Little Big Horn, South Mountain Battlefield, and a number of area parades/ceremonies.

New events are always considered and new members are always welcome.

For more information please call or e-mail Bob & Patti Wilson (307) 684-7136 or

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