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Fort Phil Kearny, Related Sites and the Bozeman Trail

Proposed Camping at the Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site
Comments due by August 28, 2021

The Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources is currently accepting public comment through August 28th on amendments to rules regarding camping at state parks and historic sites. 


The amendments are to the following sets of rules:


Chapter 1, Rules and Regulations (State Parks & Historic Sites Program) 


Chapter 1, Permits to Use State Parks, Recreation Areas, Archaeological Sites, and Historic Sites


The proposed amendments would mirror and replace emergency rules currently in effect.  The changes would enable the Department to allow camping at parks and historic sites that currently do not offer camping.  


These parks and sites include: Bear River State Park, Edness K. Wilkins State Park, Fort Bridger State Historic Site, Fort Fetterman State Historic Site, Fort Kearny State Historic Site, South Pass City State Historic Site, and Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site.


Thanks to the Governor’s ‘Survive, Drive, & Thrive’ campaign, the Department will be adding approximately 500 new campsites to the state park system to reduce overcrowding.  The need to increase campsite capacity is directly related to record-levels of visitation seen since the onset of the COVID pandemic.


Copies of the proposed rules may be obtained on the Wyoming Administrative Rules System: by using the advanced search for proposed rules, or by contacting the State Parks Headquarters at 2301 Central Avenue, Barrett Building, 4th Floor, Cheyenne, WY  82002, attention Stephanie Dillmon, 307-777-5734, or by email to  


Public comments regarding the rules may be submitted by email via the Rules System at by using advanced search for proposed rules and to provide public comment link, or by contacting State Parks at


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