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The observatory and telescope are installed!

Thank you for the HUGE community support for this project.

FOR MORE INFO about these events and other Skylab events



This image was taken through an LX200 Meade 16" - the exact scope we installed!

The 2019 programs were presented by

Skylab Captain Tom Johannesmeyer, Astronomy Professor and summer staff member.

For more info or to make group appointments please contact Misty Stoll

Basic Guidelines at the Observatory

  • This is a Wyoming State Park, fees do apply; $3 for Wyoming residents and $5 for non-residents. Ages 17 and under are free. Please put fee in the box at the building. We are working out a punch card system but it is a work in progress.

  • At this stage at our installation, this is a visual observing activity. You will be expected to be able to stand on a low ladder in the dark. Some viewing positions may be awkward. We will do what we can to help everyone be comfortable.

  • While at the observatory, do not shine white lights in the area as it will seriously detract from our ability to see things. Red flashlights are welcome. The white light rule applies to headlights and car dome lights. Keep these minimal and never pointed at the dome. When you arrive please park with vehicles facing away from the dome.

  • Do not touch the telescope while observing. It cannot be moved by your hand and is not a source of balance to the viewer. The telescope works on a drive motor and impairing the movement will damage the instrument.

  • It cools off fast after sunset. Bringing sweaters, jackets, hats, gloves is recommended seasonally.

  • Be careful where you walk. This is a dark event and obstacles are hard to see.

  • Seating is somewhat limited. Having a camp chair or blanket to sit on can help your comfort.

  • Expect to be viewing  through a rather large telescope. We observe deep sky objects including nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters. We observe solar system objects including planets, comets, and the moon when they are available.

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